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I'm Ross. Feel free to check out some work or give me a shout about any collaborative design ops - Always keeping the mission of sharing art alive.

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I'm not convinced we were put on this earth to look for money.


- lukesbrother


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Hello, My name is Ross


First and foremost, I'm a husband, furry-baby father to a Great Pyrenees named Samson and a Calico cat named Beatrix Kiddo, and real-baby daddy to-be  -  The passions that drive me are family, digital media, and music.  I've been fortunate enough to build a career around graphic and multimedia design producing a plethora of digital and print marketing materials for some great companies as well as videos and web applications.  I feel blessed to be a part of the art community through my work and I enjoy feeding my appetite for music through writing with friends and adding to a library of cover songs along the way.


The name lukesbrother comes from a long line of Star Wars references.  Yes, I have a brother named Luke; and yes, my Dad dresses up as Darth Vader every Halloween to pass out candy.  My other self-proclaimed alias is Ross Skywalker.... go figure.  Cheers!

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